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Isolaz is a photopneumatic (light + suction) device that combines vacuum pressure with broadband light.  The Isolaz system is FDA approved to treat pustular and comedonal acne and mild to moderate acne vulgaris. 
Studies have shown that 85% of people will experience clearer skin with a course of treatments.  The treatments are painless with no downtime.  All skin types can be treated.  We usually recommend 4-5 treatments over a 2 month time period for the treatment of acne.

The system is also FDA approved to treat vascular and pigmented lesions (benign) and for permanent hair reduction.

isolazIsolaz treatments are used for:

  • Acne treatment with pore cleansing
  • Reduction in appearance of pore size
  • Reduced oiliness of skin
  • Rosacea redness reduction
  • Melasma (pigment) reduction
  • Photorejuvenation/clearing age spots
  • Blood vessels/spider veins
  • Hair removal

In a clinical study, 100 % of patients would chose Isolaz again over previous light or laser treatments.  (Novel Photopneumatic Therapy Delivers High-Efficiency Photons to Dermal Targets, Vic Narurkar, MD. Vol 18, No. 2, February 2005, Cosmetic Dermatology)

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